samedi 26 juillet 2014

WHY this blog?

You will find here the main reasons behind the creation of this blog.

I was born a Frenchie and married an Iranian a very long time ago. I was in love with him, very much, and my love has extended to his family and then to his whole country, especially since I lived in Iran for a time, after the Islamic revolution. We were obliged to leave Iran in very circumstances. We had fought against the previous regime and have fought the new one from its first day. My husband is living in Iran reason why I try to stay anonymous.
When back in France, we have tried to make the journalists, political personalities and other influent persons aware of the situation of Human Rights in Iran. When the Green Movement appeared, it opened a new window for hope. Our efforts intensified.

At the beginning, we had the SIC (Students Information Center) delivering daily updates of the situation. After meeting with @democraticiran, we decided to post the translation into French of their daily updates. All of them were posted on his blog from January 11th 2011 until they stopped producing it on Jun 12th 2011. 
We then felt that something was missing and decided to write weekly updates of our own, always in French; the first one was published last week of October 2011 and has been posted weekly from this time.

At this time @lissnup was concerned with what was going on in Iran. She asked us to post our weekly news on her blogs, which, of course, we accepted, and to have them translated into English, and I began to translate in November 2011. She was taking care of editing and posting. Now; unfortunately, she is too busy to go on with editing and posting these news; we then decided to create this blog to post them. English is not my mother tongue. I am sure that you will forgive any clerical mistake you will find.

As a conclusion, I want to thank all my friends on Twitter: they are the source of the daily information mails I have sent to mainly Iranians - but now also to people leaving in Europe, America and even Australia -, from the beginning of the Green Movement: you are the sources allowing me to write these weekly news, be it in French or in English. Your dedication is one of the engines pushing me to move on, even in worst circumstances.