dimanche 6 juillet 2014

Week 45 - 2012

Prisoners’ News
A- Transfers
  • Mehdi Farahi Shandiz moved to solitary confinement in Evin.
  • Mehdi Hashemi, son of ex-President Rafsanjani, transferred to hospital with heart problems.
  • Nasrin Sotoudeh, incarcerated Human Rights lawyer on hunger strike, transferred to solitary.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations
  • Jamal Ameli arrested during raid against Pen Club is still detained.
  • Activist Yashar Darolshafaei reported to Evin today to start serving 5.5 years prison term.
  • Mohsen Mirdamadi Secretary General of Participation Front returned to Evin after furlough extension was denied.
  • Behzad Navabi released last week on furlough to attend father-in-law's funeral is back in IRGC's solitary in Evin.

  • Hamid-Reza Abdollahi, blogger and translator, released on 200 million toman bail from Evin 209.
  • Roxana Foroughi, Christian new convert, released on $25,000 bail.
  • Ali Ranjbar, blogger and translator, released on 300 million toman bail from Evin 209.
  • Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki was released on furlough and ended his hunger strike.

D-Other News
  • Mahsa Amrabadi ends hunger strike. She can meet her imprisoned husband Masoud Bastani after 80 days.
  • Zhila Bani Yaghoub ends hunger strike.
  • Satar Beheshti, Facebook activist, dies in custody in Evin.
  • Nazanin Deyhimi ends hunger strike.
  • Bahareh Hedayat ends hunger strike.
  • Human Rights activist Mahboubeh Karami joined the other 9 political prisoners on hunger strike and stops it 2 days later.
  • Zhila Karamzadeh Makvandi ends hunger strike.
  • Shiva Nazar Ahari ends hunger strike.
  • Imprisoned blogger, Human Rights activist Hossein Ronaghi Maleki started hunger strike.
  • Hakimeh Shokri ends hunger strike.
  • Nasim Soltan Beigi ends hunger strike.
  • Raheleh Zakaei ends hunger strike.

News of injustice in Iran
  • Ali Borna, Kurdish activist, sentenced to 3 years by Appeals.
  • Osman Ghadernezhad, Kurdish activist, sentenced to 3 years by Appeals.
  • Davar Hosseini Vojdan, leftist student activist, sentenced to 6 years in prison.
  • Samkou Osmani, Kurdish activist, sentenced to 1.5 years by Appeals.
  • Soleiman Rahimzadeh, Kurdish activist, sentenced to 4 years by Appeals.
  • Reza Shahabi’s sentence reduced to 4 years + fine.
  • Anwar and Mohammad Yaziddoost, Kurdish activists, sentenced to 2 years each by Appeals.
  • Kurdish activist Obeid Zarei fined 20 million Rials in lieu of imprisonment on charges of anti-national security act.
  • 4 women stoned to death.
  • On Wednesday 10 people hanged in Tehran, 3 in public in Shiraz and one in Sarand.
  • 7 executions on Thursday.
  • 5 people publicly hanged in Shiraz on Friday, 2 inside prison.

University – Culture
  • The National Union of Bar Association offices have been ordered closed by Judiciary order for illegal activities
  • Baha'i student Farid Mohammadzadeh deprived of undergraduate studies.
  • Nedaii Gross, a Kurdish weekly from Sanandaj, was suspended.
  • Islamic Association of Students' of Semnan University has been suspended.

Iran Economics
  • Housing prices in Iran have gone up by 30% in the past month.
  • War Economy: Iran freezes import of 77 sorts of goods seen as "luxury".

Politics in Iran
  • Iranian war planes fire at an American drone américain over Gulf.
  • National security commission may investigate death in custody of Sattar Beheshti.

Iran  abroad
  • Iran seized Saudi fishing vessel.

  • 51 people got injured as a result of 5.1 magnitude earthquake in East Azerbaijan province.