dimanche 6 juillet 2014

Week 37 - 2012

Prisoners’ News
A- Transfers
  • Ahmad Reza Ahmadpour, defrocked cleric, transferred to Yazd Prison.
  • Human Rights activist Navid Khanjani transfered from Evin to Rejaei Shahr prison.
  • Hossein Ronaghi Maleki transferred to Tabriz prison quarantine in preparation for transfer to Evin.
  • Isa Saharkhiz transferred from Evin to Rejaei Shahr prison.
  • 6 of the earthquake volunteer aid workers arrested in Azarbaijan have been transferred to Evin 350:
    • Navid Khanjani
    • Sepehr Saheban
    • Esmaeil Salmanpour
    • Saeed Shirzad
    • Hooman Taheri
    • Masoud Vafabakhsh.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations
  • Samin Ehsani summoned to Evin to purge her sentence.
  • Rashid Esmaili member of Policy Council of Advar Tahkim (alumni Society ) was arrested by IRGC agents.
  • Soleiman Mahmoudian arrested in Saqez and sent to Saghez prison.
  • Mehran Malaveisi arrested in Marivan and sent to Saghez prison.
  • Journalist/Human Rights activist Shiva Nazarahari sentenced to 4 years + 74 lashes reported to Evin to start serving her sentence.
  • Hamed and Jamal Sheikhi arrested in Marivan and sent to Saghez prison.

  • Popular poet Mohammad-Reza Ali-Payam (Haloo) released on 100 million toman bail.
  • After 3 years imprisonment, journalist Masoud Bastani is released on furlough.
  • Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani released, acquitted of apostasy.
  • National-Religious activist Alireza Rejaei released from Evin on a 3 day furlough.
  • Abdollah Shahbazi, jailed Iranian historian, released.
  • Ali Tase released from Marivan prison after 2 months detention.
  • Obied Zarei released from Marivan prison after 2 months detention.
  • These aid workers were released from custody:
    • Morteza Esmailpour
    • Danial Hasani
    • Esmail Salmanpour
    • Saeed Shirzad
    • Bahram Shojaei

D-Other News
  • After writing letter to Chief Judiciary, former Tehran mayor Mohammad Tavasoli summoned to Court on case that was closed 3 years ago.

News of injustice in Iran
  • Farzad Ahmadi, a labour activist and tailor, sentenced to 4 months in prison in Sanandaj.
  • Court of Appeals upheld 3 years sentence of Maryam Alangi. Her husband Mohsen Dogmechi died in prison last year.
  • The Appeals Court in Tehran upheld 5 year sentence for the Child Rights activist Samin Ehsani.
  • Court of Appeal sentenced Zahra Mansouri to 2 years in prison and 5 suspended.
  • Amanollah Mostaghim’s 5 years sentence upheld by Appeals.
  • Shahnaz Sagvand, wife of jailed worker Ali Nejati on trial, charged with spreading propaganda against system through interview with Foreign Media.
  • Gonabadi Dervish, Nosrat Tabasi, sentenced to 5 years in prison.
  • 11 people who were transferred from Ghezel Hesar to Evin Ward 240 were hanged, among them 5 Afghans.
  • A man was hanged in public on Monday in Shahrood.
  • Verdicts  issued for 40 people involved in the bank fraud case. 4 have received the death penalty and 2 have received life in prison.

University – Culture
  • Gender Segregation forces girls to drop out from school in the villages of Yasuj due to lack of accommodation.
  • Qaraati: Iranian Universities should be equipped with "temporary marriage" headquarters.
  • Iran censures text messages containing the word "dollar" following collapse of its currency.

Iran Economics
  • $1 = 2305 tomans on Saturday, 2430 tomans on Sunday, 2600 on Monday, 2500 and Euro 3250 tomans on Tuesday.
  • Black Market counts for 21% of Iranian economy.
  • Two manufacturing factories (in Arak and Esfahan) closed in one week and 600 workers lost their jobs.
  • Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade and Mines: 38% decrease in car production in the first 5 months of the year.
  • Iran's Central Bank went bankrupt.
  • Iran surpasses Bolivia to become number one in the world in inequality in distribution of wealth.
  • Rent prices increase by a staggering 60% says Iran's Census Bureau.

Iran  abroad
  • Sierra Leone takes 10 Iranian ships off register.
  • Iran seeks to reopen London embassy; UK refuses.
  • Egypt denies in talks to buy Iranian oil.
  • Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, slammed Bahrain’s imposition of jail terms on 13 leading opposition figures in the kingdom.

Politics in Iran
  • The Majlis set up a special joint friendship group to boost parliamentary ties with Syria, Egypt, Palestine and Morocco.
  • Bassij protest against the American film caricaturing Mohammad in front of Swiss Embassy.
  • 100 teachers in Hamadan protested deceptive announcement of Minister of Education claiming 15% rise been implemented.

  • Iran ambulance personnel get equipped with teargas.
  • Iranian Paralympians take home 24 medals.