jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Week 16 - 2013

Prisoners’ News
A- Transfers
  • Khosro and Masoud Kordpour were transferred to Urmia prison.
  • Blogger Mohammad-Reza Pourshajari transferred to hospital then back to prison without treatment.

  • Mohammad-Hassan Asadi arrested in Urmia.
  • Khosro Badavi arrested in Urmia.
  • Abdolsalam Bahavar arrested in Urmia.
  • Amir Hassan Behrouz arrested in Urmia.
  • Behrouz and Hasan Brakenloo arrested in Urmia.
  • Pouria Farazmand, blogger and student, arrested in Kermanshah.
  • Adnan, Aghil , Ahmad-Ibn-Abed, Ahmad-Ibn-Farhan and Hadi-Ibn-Farhan Heidari arrested during a poetry reading at one of his relatives.
  • Afshin Mirzaei, arrested in Urmia.
  • Ali-Akbar Mohammadzadeh is back to Evin at the end of his furlough.
  • Mir-Hadi Mousavi arrested in Urmia.
  • Shiva Nazar-Ahari is back to Evin at the end of her furlough.
  • Farzad Salamat arrested in Urmia.
  • Trade Unionist, labour activist, Reza Shahabi is back to Evin Prison after medical leave.
  • Mohammad-Ali Velayati is back to Evin at the end of his furlough.
  • Babak Zeinali, Baha’i student, arrested at home in Bandar Abbas.

  • Imprisoned member of Freedom Movement of Iran, Mohammad-Bagher Alavi, released on bail.
  • Mona Ameri, Baha’i from Gorgan, freed on 150 million toman bail.
  • Amir Chamani released on furlough from Tabriz prison.
  • Azeri activist, Mehdi Koukhian, released on bail.
  • Rofia Pakzadan, Baha’i from Gorgan, freed on 150 million toman bail.
  • Economic expert Fariborz Raisdana free after 1 year prison term.
  • Nassim Soltanbeigi, journalist, was freed.
  • Azeri activist, Abbas Valizadeh, released on bail.

D-Other News
  • After 800 days under house arrest, opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi allowed to meet his sister in Qom.
  • Gonabadi Dervishes Saleh Moradi and Kasra Nouri ended their hunger strike after the 7 Dervishes incarcerated in ward 209 were transferred back to ward 350.
  • Nasrin Sotoudeh elected to Executive Board of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR).
  • Political  prisoners at the Rajai Shahr prison launched a 72-hour hunger strike to protest abusive and undignified body search

News of injustice in Iran
  • Sharif Saed-Panah, member of Free Union of Iranian Workers sentenced to 6 months prison.
  • Mozafar Saleh-Nia, member of Free Union of Iranian Workers sentenced to 6 months prison.
  • 6 persons publicly hanged in Shiraz in a total of 9 hangings.
  • 2 executions in Mashhad.
  • 1 execution in Kerman.

University – Culture
  • Christie's Dubai auction total $6.4 million; Moshiri's Secret Garden sells for almost 1 million.
  • New Asghar Farhadi film will be presented in Cannes festival.
  • The student magazine of the Razi University of Kermanshah has been closed down.

  • Dervishes clashes with security forces in front of the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz.
  • Pensioners protest in front of the Oil Ministry.
  • Demonstrations in Tabriz in front of the 'Iran Khodro Tabriz' car manufacturer.

Iran abroad
  • Rally in support of imprisoned Gonabadi Dervishes in Stockholm.
  • An Iranian truck driver kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in Afghanistan's Herat province.
  • Ahmadinejad to visit to Benin, Ghana and Niger
  • The new coordinator of the United Nation’s Office in Tehran, Barbadian citizen Gary Lewis, submitted his credentials to Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi.
  • Ahmadinejad to attend Venezuelan president’s inauguration ceremony.
  • 100s protest in Herat after 13 dead bodies of Afghans (reportedly shot dead by Iran guards) handed over to Afghanistan.

Iran Economics
  • $ 1 = 3550 tomans.

Iran Politics
  • Police uses tear gas after a car accident in Gorgan to spread the people.
  • 15-year old teenage Ahvazi killed in anti-regime protest.

  • Strong earthquake measuring at 7.8 magnitude shook southern Sistan Baluchistan province.
  • Another earthquake measuring 4.8 shakes Marand (North-West).

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