samedi 22 novembre 2014

Week 47 - 2014

Prisoners’ News
A- Transfers
  • Mostafa Daneshjou transferred to hospital.
  • Abdolreza Ghanbari, teacher, transferred from Borazjan to Rejaei Shahr.

  • Alireza Jahanshahi, cleric student, arrested during Friday prayers in Semnan.
  • Atta Rajabi, Baha’i, arrested in Hamedan.
  • Hasan Tafah, 85 years old, suffering of blood cancer, back to Rejaei Shahr at the end of his medical furlough.
  • Saeed Yasaei, follower of Erfan Halgheh, arrested.
  • Hojatoleslam Ali Zakeri is back to Evin at the end of furlough.

  • Mohammad-Amin Abdollahi, Kurdish political prisoner, released on furlough.
  • Maryam Alsadat-Yahyahvi, activist, released.
  • Hossein Derakhshan, father of blogging in Iran, pardoned by supreme leader.
  • Seyyed Ali-Asghar Gharavi, journalist and cleric, released at the end of his sentence.
  • Faran Hesami, Baha’i, released on 3 days furlough.
  • Mostafa Nili, student activist, freed at the end of his sentence.

D-Other News
  • Siamak Ghaderi, journalist, honored with the CPJ' 2014 International Press Freedom Awards.
  • Arash Sadeghi’s temporary detention extended for 2 months.

News of injustice in Iran
  • Nemat Fatehi, Kurdish activist, sentenced to 15 years in prison by Appeals.
  • Mohsen Khoda-Bandeh-Lou, Kurdish activist, sentenced to 15 years in prison by Appeals.
  • Iraj Lohrasb, Baha’i, sentenced to two years in prison for Facebook activity.
  • Tanaz Mohammadi, Baha’i, sentenced to one year in prison for Facebook activity.
  • Kianoosh Rostami, Kurdish activist, sentenced to 15 years in prison by Appeals.
  • 2 hangings in Zahedan last Thursday.
  • 3 public hangings in Bandar Abbas on Saturday.
  • One hanging in Ghaem Shahr on Thursday.

University – Culture
  • Tehran University Professor Mostafa Malekian intervention canceled by basijis.

  • Sit-in in front of bar association continues in support of Nasrin Sotoudeh.
  • Protest in Yasouj, several people arrested.
  • Rally in support of Mohammad-Ali Taheri held in front of Evin.
  • Thousands rally against legislative attack on workers’ rights.

Iran abroad
  • China's top domestic security chief visits Iran to push for anti-terror cooperation.
  • Iran uses China bank to transfer funds to Quds-linked companies.
  • UN resolution on Iran passes with 78 positive and 35 negative votes.

Iran Economics
  • Iranian airports' incomes do not cover their expenses.
  • An Iran/American chamber of Commerce was establish in Maryland.
  • 58% increase in trade with countries members of EU.

Iran Politics
  • For the 4th time, nominee for Science Minister is refused by Parliament.

  • Iranian weightlifter takes gold at World Championships.
  • Homes of two Baha’is burned in Hamadan.
  • Mostafa Pashaei, pop idol's funeral draws biggest crowds in Iran since 2009 unrest.

As usual, list of political prisoners in Iran:
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samedi 15 novembre 2014

Week 46 - 2014

Prisoners’ News
A- Transfers
  • Ali Aslanpour back to Rejaei Shahr from hospital.
  • Afshin Baymani moved to solitary in Rejaei Shahr prison and then back to general ward.
  • Arjang Davoudi moved to solitary in Rejaei Shahr prison and then to hospital and back to prison.
  • Ghoncheh Ghavami moved to Gharchak prison.
  • Serajedin Mir-Damadi, journalist, moved to financial ward of Evin.
  • Ali Moradi, Kurdish political prisoner, beaten in Minab and transferred to solitary.

  • Ahmad and Hossein Al-Bavi, Sunni Ahvazi, arrested.
  • Abu-Masoud Al-Badavi, Sunni Ahvazi, arrested.
  • Seyyed Jasem Al-Boshokeh (Abu-Forough), Sunni Ahvazi, arrested.
  • Hasan Al-Hazbavi (Abu-Ali), Sunni Ahvazi, arrested.
  • Ahmad Al-Heidari (Abu-Howra) and Hamid Al-Heidari (Abu-Amjad), Sunni Ahvazi, arrested.
  • Hachem Al-Naseri, Sunni Ahvazi, arrested.
  • Aghil Al-Saadi, Amin Al-Saadi (Abu-Yousri) and Shaghigheh-Mohammad Al-Saadi, Sunni Ahvazi, arrested.
  • Abbas Al-Sari, Sunni Ahvazi, arrested.
  • Raham Barakchizadeh, arrested during Ashur 2009, goes to Evin to serve his 7.5 years sentence.
  • Ghazban Beit-Sayah, Sunni Ahvazi, arrested.
  • Adnan Rahmat-Panah, Baha’i, begins serving his sentence in Shiraz.
  • Najeeb Raisi, Sunni Muslim, arrested in Sistan Baluchistan.
  • Masoud Rezaei, Christian convert, begins serving his 5 years sentence in Shiraz.
  • Mohammad Saedi, Sunni Ahvazi, arrested.
  • Mohammad Tilas-Al-Silawi (Abu-Nasr) and Naser-Mohammad Tilas-Al-Silavi (Abu-Anas), Sunni Ahvazi, arrested.
  • 62 Afghan citizens arrested during riots in Shahr-e-Rey.
  • 230 Kurds arrested in Eastern Kurdistan during protests in support of Kobane.
  • 16 sunni activists arrested during Coran teaching session.

  • Amin Al-Saadi (Abu-Yousri), Ahvazi Sunni, freed after interrogatories.
  • Behzad (Hossein) Asiaei, civic activist, freed by clemency.
  • Seyyed Amar Kalantari, journalist, on a two days furlough.
  • Kaveh Rahimi, civic activist, freed by clemency.
  • Homayoun Shokouhi, Christian convert, released on parole.
  • Reyhaneh Tabatabaei, journalist, freed at the end of her sentence.
  • Hojatoleslam Ali Zakeri released on furlough.

D-Other News
  • Arjang Davoudi on hunger strike.

News of injustice in Iran
  • Marivan Abdolkarim Reza, Iraqi Kurd, sentenced to 33 years in prison by Supreme Court for Moharebeh.
  • Mostafa Shomali, human rights activist, sentenced to 7 years in prison.
  • One hanging in Mashhad on Saturday.
  • One public hanging in Shiraz on Wednesday.

University – Culture
  • Iranian film "I'm Not Angry" still censored screening postponed in Iran.
  • Semnan University Economics Professor Mikael Azimi expelled after 4 years teaching.
  • Iranian film maker Dariush Merhjoui received French medal for Arts and Letters.
  • Filtering committee rejects proposal to block Viber.

  • A group of students from the International University of Qazvin gathered to protest the recent acid throwing assualts on women in Isfahan and the authorities' failure to arrest the culprits.

Iran abroad
  • Kerry, Zarif, Ashton start nuclear talks in Oman.
  • Iraqi VP Maliki arrives in Tehran.
  • One Iranian nuclear engineer killed in Syria.
  • Russia signs a contract to build two other nuclear reactors in Bushehr.
  • Rouhani travels to Azerbaijan.
  • Austrian defense minister visits Tehran.

Iran Economics
  • Iran Khodro exports 1400 cars during first seven months; it is 100% increase compared to last year.

Iran Politics
  • Mohammad Sarafraz replacing Ezzatollah Zarghami at the head of IRIB.
  • Basij forces given go ahead to enforce hijab compliance.
  • Authorities have accepted a request to let two UN Human Rights rapporteurs visit Iran in the coming year.
  • The Iranian Ministry of Sports has reacted to public pressure and announced it has plans to designate a section of stadiums to female spectators

  • More than 170 homeless in Kerman after a storm.
  • FIVB not to award any more events to Iran till ban on women lifted and Ghoncheh Ghavami is released.
  • Another Baha’I, Narges Barghi,  denied burial in Tabriz.

As usual, list of political prisoners in Iran:
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samedi 8 novembre 2014

Week 45 - 2014

Prisoners’ News
A- Transfers
  • Mahdieh Golroo transferred to solitary in Evin.
  • Ali Salanpour transferred back from hospital to Rejaei Shahr.

  • Maryam Alsadat-Yahyahvi, civic activist, arrested.
  • Khaled Hosseini, Kurdish workers’ rights activist, arrested in Sanandaj during a protest to support Kobane.
  • Amir Maboudi begins serving his 6 months sentence in Urmia prison.

  • Mohammad Banazadeh-Amirkhizi freed at the end of his 5 years sentence.
  • Atena Farghdani, painter et children’s rights activist, released on bail.
  • Hossein Farzin on a 3 days furlough.
  • Alireza Rajabian-Fard freed from Evin at the end of his sentence.

D-Other News
  • Ghoncheh Ghavami on hunger strike.
  • Dissident cleric Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi on hunger strike in Evin.

News of injustice in Iran
  • Abbas Bozorgmehr, chief editor of Aseman, sentenced to a monetary fine.
  • Ghoncheh Ghavami, British citizen, sentenced to one year in prison.
  • Roein Otoufat sentenced by Appeals to 10 years in prison.
  • Baha’i Sousan Tabianian sentenced to 1 year in Appeals.
  • Bakery worker Mahmoud Soroush arrested sentenced to a fine because of his satellite equipment.

University – Culture
  • Kambiz Derambakhsh Iranian cartoonist receives French award of Arts and Literature in Tehran..

Iran abroad
  • Zarif and Rouhani meet Norwegian FM in Tehran.

Iran Economics
  • 30% drop in Iran oil revenue.

As usual, list of political prisoners in Iran:
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samedi 1 novembre 2014

Week 44 - 2014

Prisoners’ News
A- Transfers
  • Mehdi Jalaloddini, arrested during protests against acid attacks, transferred to Dastgerd prison.
  • Ali Ebadi-Jamkhaneh transferred from Vakil Abad to an unknown location.

  • Peyman Aref arrested during a protest for acid victims and released the same day.
  • Sanam Farsi, ISNA community editor, arrested during protests against acid attacks and released after 2 days.
  • Mahdieh Golroo arrested after protest for acid victims.
  • Adel Mohammadi, Kurdish Sunni taleb, arrested in Zahedan and released after 2 days.
  • Zahra Mohammadi, ISNA editor in Isfahan, arrested during protests against acid attacks.
  • Kurdish lawyer Masoud Shamsnejad begins serving his 4 months sentence in Urmia.
  • Nasrin Sotoudeh arrested during a protest for acid victims and released the same day.
  • 20 people arrested during a protest for acid victims.

  • Amin Chalaki, head of Moussavi campaign freed after 2.5 years in prison.
  • Ali Rashidi on 6 day medical furlough.

D-Other News
  • Negar Haeri beaten in Gharchak prison.
  • Omid Kokabee awarded the 2014 Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

News of injustice in Iran
  • Reyhaneh Jabbari, who killed a man who wanted to rape her, was executed on Saturday with another person in Rejaei Shahr.
  • Taieb Khodayar Kurdish political activist sentenced to 13 months in prison.
  • Mohammad-Ali Taheri sentenced to three additional years.
  • 5 hangings in Rasht.
  • 4 hangings in Urmia on Sunday.
  • 1 hanging in Urmia on Wednesday.

University – Culture
  • Newspapers Tehran Emrouz, Gol and Zanan Emrouz banned.
  • Gonabadi Dervishes, Ali-Reza Kashi and Bozorgmehr Hekmatshoar, who are teaching literature and electricity respectively have been dismissed from their employment.

  • Protests against acid attacks in Ahvaz.
  • Teachers protest in Sistan-Balouchistan.
  • Students of Allameh Tabatabai University protested at acid attacks.
  • Gas project workers protest to demand back wages.

Iran Economics
  • During the last week over 1,100 production units' workers fired in Iran.

Iran Politics
  • Iran's conservative-dominated parliament rejects Rouhani nominee for science minister.

  • The population of Iran reached 78 million.

As usual, list of political prisoners in Iran:
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