dimanche 7 juin 2015

Week 22 - 2015

Prisoners’ News
A- Transfers
  • Karim Abraham transferred to Mahabad prison.
  • Anvar Badri transferred to Mahabad prison.
  • Atena Daemi transferred to Evin clinic.
  • Workers’ rights activist Behnam Ebrahimzadeh transferred to solitary.
  • Masoud Garmsiri transferred to Mahabad prison.
  • Khaled Herdani transferred to hospital.
  • Rahman Koshkalam transferred to Mahabad prison.
  • Younes Mallak transferred to Mahabad prison.
  • Ali Moezi transferred to solitary.
  • Student Mohammad Mozafari moved to Evin clinic.
  • Baha’i Yaran Afif Naeemi hospitalized.

  • Yousef Hasanzadeh begins serving his sentence in Evin.
  • Baha’i from Isfahan Sohrab Naghipour arrested to serve his 2 years sentence.
  • Baha’i from Isfahan Azar Pourkhorsand arrested to serve her 2 years sentence.
  • Hamedan student Raouf Shahbazi arrested.

  • Baha’i Sima Eshraghi freed at the end of her sentence.
  • Gonabadi dervish Saleheldin Moradi Sarvestani released .
  • Workers’ rights activist Pedram Nasrollahi released on bail.
  • Workers’ rights activist Mahmoud Salehi released on bail.
  • Workers’ rights activists Aram and Foad Zandi released on bail.

D-Other News
  •  Basma Rahman-Ahmad-Rashid Al-Jabouri has been on hunger strike since 45 days.
  • Alireza Rasouli on hunger strike in Mahabad prison.

News of injustice in Iran
  • Omid Alishenas sentenced to 10 years.
  • Farzad, Nasim, Sahar, Simin Bahadori , Baha’i from Tabriz, sentenced to 1 year.
  • Taha Kermani, Azeri activist, sentenced to 13 years..
  • Hossein-Ali Mohammadi, Azeri activist, sentenced to 13 years.
  • Ali Nouri sentenced to 7 years.
  • National-religious activist Hossein Rafiei sentenced to 6 years in prison.
  • Asou Rostami sentenced to 7 years.
  • One public hanging in Shiraz.
  • 2 hangings in Sari.
  • 4 hangings in Urmia prison on Monday.
  • 13 hangings in Ghezel Hesar on Monday.
  • One public hanging in Jiroft on Monday.
  • One hanging in Zanjan.
  • 5 hangings in Tabriz.

University – Culture
  • Professor Zakaria Ghaderi banned from teachingat Kermanshah University.

Iran abroad
  • Saeed Gharloghi of Karaj was killed “in Iraq” on May 27. Jassem Nouri of Khuzestan was killed in Ramadi.
  • Zarif has trilateral talks with Chinese and Russian counterparts.
  • EU Parliamentary delegation travels to Iran

Iran Economics
  • Agreement signed with China for transfer of petro-technology.
  • Oil Minister meets with Shell CEO.
  • India and Iran sign an agreement on economic cooperation.
  • Chinese trade delegation seeks investment opportunities in Iran

Iran Politics
  • Three revolutionary guards killed and two injured in armed clashes near Urmia.

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