dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Week 14 - 2014

Prisoners’ News
A- Transfers
  • Mohammad-Amin Abdollahi transferred to solitary after he launches hunger strike.

  • Cultural Arab activist Emar Abeyat arrested and sent to Dezfoul prison.
  • Nava and Nika Khalousi arrested to begin serving sentence.

  • Semnan student Mohammad-Amin Roghani freed at the end of his sentence.

D-Other News
  • Kurdish political activist Fakhroldin Faraji is on hunger strike.
  • Leftist student Arash Mohammadi on hunger strike to support Shahrokh Zamani.
  • Christian convert Vahid Hakani on hunger strike.

News of injustice in Iran
  • Student Afsaneh Bayazidi sentenced to 2 years suspended for affiliation to banned Kurdish group.

University – Culture
  • Mehran Tamadon wins French Cinema du Réel Prize.

  • Silent protest in front of Pakistani consulate in Mashhad on Sunday.

Iran abroad
  • India released an Iranian ship detained for the last two years.
  • 1st vice-president says Iran does not seek indefinite power for Assad.
  • Iranian border guards released in the hands of Iranian authorities.
  • EU calls for more relations with Iran after nuclear agreement, based on respect of human rights.
  • Boeing gets US license to sell spare parts to Iran.

Iran Economics
  • Iran trades 1,859 MW of electricity with neighboring countries.
  • Russia, Iran announce $20 billion oil-for-goods deal.

  • Iranian police seize over 1 ton of narcotics in Kerman province.
  • Mudslides and floods hit several Iranian provinces.
  • Precipitation in Iran decreases by 8 percent.
  • Historic monument Badi-Ol-Hokama destroyed in Hamedan.

As usual, list of political prisoners in Iran: http://hyperactivist.info/ipr.html
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