samedi 26 juillet 2014

Week 30 - 2014

Prisoners’ News
A- Transfers
  • Death row prisoner Hamed Ahmadi stops hunger strike and is relocated to Rejaei Shahr.
  • Death row prisoners Jahangir and Jamshid Dehghani stop hunger strike and are relocated to Rejaei Shahr.
  • Political prisoner Khaled Herdani transferred to hospital.
  • Death row prisoner Kamal Molaei stops hunger strike and is relocated to Rejaei Shahr.

  • Bahman Ahmadi-Amouee is back to Rejaei Shahr at the end of furlough.
  • Abdolreza Ghanbari, political prisoner, is back to Borazjan prison at the end of furlough.
  • Saeed Heidari, newly converted Sunni, arrested in Mahshahr.
  • Hamid-Zareh Mohammadi, journalist and blogger, begins serving his 1 year sentence in Tabriz prison.
  • Maryam Rahmanian, photographer, arrested at Jason Rezaian home.
  • Jason Rezaian, Washington Post correspondant, arrested in Tehran.
  • Hossein Sabouri, Sunni Muslim, arrested in Mahshahr.
  • Yeganeh Salehi, journalist, wife of Jason Rezaian, arrested in Tehran.
  • Khouzair Sharhani, Sunni Arab Muslim, arrested in Ahvaz.
  • Sami Zabadi Alboughabish, Sunni Arab Muslim, arrested in Ahvaz.
  • Hamid, Hossein, Mohammad, Mousa and Salem Zargani, Sunni Arab Muslims, arrested in Ahvaz
  • 8 persons accused of Satanism arrested in Firouzkouh.

  • Dr. Asghar Ghotan released on furlough.
  • Student activist Bahareh Hedayat released on 4 days furlough for medical reasons.
  • Political prisoner Nader Jani released on 6 days furlough.
  • Journalist Ahmad Zeidabadi released on furlough.

D-Other News
  • Mohammad-Reza Ali-Payam "Haloo", sentenced to 3 months + 1 day for a satyre.
  • Cleric Mohammad-Sadegh (Arash) Honarvar-Shojaei-Khoee begins a hunger strike.
  • Reza Shahabi, Workers’ rights activist, ends his hunger strike after 50 days.

News of injustice in Iran
  • Arjang Davoudi, political prisoner since 20 years, sentenced to execution.
  • Taha Kermani, Azeri environmentalist, sentenced to 3 years in prison.
  • Hossein-Ali Mohammadi, Azeri environmentalist, sentenced to 3 years in prison.
  • Rasoul Razavi, Azeri environmentalist, sentenced to 1 year in prison.
  • 5 people publicly flogged in Kermanshah for eating publicly.
  • 50 hangings in 6 months in Kerman.
  • 6 men and 4 women hanged in Birjand.
  • One defendant sentenced to death by stoning.
  • One Christian had his lips burnt by cigarette in public in Kermanshah for eating during the day.

University – Culture
  • Tehran Vocal Ensemble receives 3 medals, 2 gold and 1 silver at 8th World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia.

  • Coal miners protest again against privatization.
  • Several protests in front of US office in Tehran to support Ghaza.

Iran abroad
  • E.U. suspends one of the sanctions taken against Iran.
  • An Iranian NGO receives Red Ribbon Award.
  • Iran opened its airspace as an alternative route for northern Europe to east Asia.

Iran Economics
  • Iran to get $2.8 billion during extended talks, most sanctions stay.
  • Thai Wan Hai Company became first foreign shipping line that resumed operation in Iran after its ship berthed in Rajayee port.
  • Petrochemical exports are up by 6% in one month.
  • Boeing will provide spare parts to Iran, 1st time since 1979.

Iran Politics
  • Work hours for Iranian nurses increased from 150 to 300 hours.
  • Jannati chosen again as head of guardians’ council.

  • Volleyball: Iran loses to USA in semi-finales.
  • 500 new cases of tuberculosis in Zabol every year.
  • 3 killed and 6 wounded in clash of police with population of Qeshm Island over smuggled fuel.
  • Saeed Marouf nominated best setter in Volleyball World Championship.

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