jeudi 2 avril 2015

Week 09 - 2015

  • Prisoners’ News
A- Transfers
  • Teacher and woekers' rights activist Ali-Hamzeh Asgari transferred to Rejaei Shahr.
  • Political prisoner Afshin Baymani returned from 40 days in solitary to Rajai Shahr prison.
  • Journalist Masoud Bastani back to prison without completing his treatment.
  • Green journalist Serajedin MirDamadi returned to prison without medical care.
  • Teacher and workers’ rights activist Milad Darvish transferred to Rejaei Shahr.
  • After 6 months in detention at IRGC's ward 2-A, former student activist Arash Sadeghi was transferred to Ward 8 in Evin.
  • Journalist Keyvan Samimi hospitalized.
  • Lawyer prisoner on medical furlough Mohammad Seifzadeh forced to return t Rajai Shahr prison.
  • Labor activist Jafar Azimzadeh arrested to serve his prison term.
  • Naser and Gha’ez Bagheri, Baha’is, arrested in Yazd.
  • Esfahan Baha'i Khosrow Dehghani arrested in Isfahan.
  • Civic activist Shahnaz Karimbeygi arrested and released the same day.
  • Free Trade Union Board Member Khalil Karimi arrested and released the same day.
  • Civic activist Mohammad Maleki arrested and released the same day.
  • Civic activist, member of Freedom Movement Khosro Mansourian arrested and sent to Evin.
  • Labor activist Jamil Mohammadi arrested to serve his prison term.
  • Civic activist Mohammad Nourizad arrested and released the same day.
  • Hossein Ronaghi Maleki arrested and sent to Evin.
  • 95 young people arrested during parties in Mashhad.
  • Civil activist Naser Abdolhosseinzadeh released from Meshkin Shahr.
  • Civil activist Ali Akbar Lou released.
  • Hasan Ashtiani released on furlough.
  • Lawyer Omid Behrouzi released on bail.
  • Labor activist Zaniar Dabaghian released on bail.
  • Lawyer Amir Eslami released on bail.
  • Civil activist Amin Hajilou released.
  • Lawyer Afshin Karampour released on bail.
  • Civil activist Araz Khasehtarash released.
  • Erfan Halgheh's activist Peyman Mirzaei released on heavy bail.
  • Labor activist Afshin Nadimi released on bail.
  • Lawyer Farshid Yadollahi released on bail.
D-Other News
  • Atena Farghadani ended her hunger strike.
  • Hossein Ronaghi Maleki launches a hunger strike after his transfer to Evin 8.

News of injustice in Iran
  • Hamed Ahmadi, Sunni Kurd, executed in Rajeaei Shahr.
  • Sanandaj labor activist Mehrdad Aminvaziri sentenced to 5 years in prison.
  • Jahangir and Jamshid Deghani, Sunni Kurds, executed in Rajeaei Shahr.
  • Seyyed Hadi Hosseini, Sunni Kurd, executed in Rajeaei Shahr.
  • Sedigh Mohammadi, Sunni Kurd, executed in Rajeaei Shahr.
  • Kamal Molaei, Sunni Kurd, executed in Rajeaei Shahr.
  • 2 hangings in Rasht on Monday.
  • 10 hangings in Shiraz on Tuesday.
  • One hanging in Bandar Abbas on Tuesday.
  • 6 hangings in Rejaei Shahr on Wednesday.
  • 15 hangings in Ghezel Hesar on Wednesday.
  • Blinding of a prisoner implemented.
  • A Salmas death row prisoner, 38, pardoned by victim's parents.
University – Culture
  • Iranian film critic, Zaven Ghokasian passes away at 65.
  • Gathering of Iranian writers’ group cancelled by authorities.
  • For the first time, Kurdish language courses taught in Saqqez schools.
  • New wave of satellite dishes collecting in Sanandaj.

  • Teachers’’ demonstrations in different towns of Iran.
  • Hundreds of students protest at Tehran University dormitory.


Iran abroad
  • Italian FM arrives in Tehran.
  • Iranian diplomat kidnapped in Yemen freed.
  • Azita Raji became the first Iranian woman and the first female to be nominated as U.S. Ambassador to Sweden.
  • Iran demands extradition of Jaish al Adl leader.
Iran Economics
  • Iran to supply gas to Iraqi Kurdistan
  • $314 million’ worth of carpets have been exported.
Iran Politics
  • Parliament approves government proposed budget for next fiscal year.
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