vendredi 3 avril 2015

Week 10 - 2015

Prisoners’ News

  • Journalist Masoud Bastani returned to prison without completing medical treatment.
  • Mostafa Daneshjou sent to prison clinic due to respiratory attack and then to CCU.
  • Amir Dourbin-Ghaziani transferred to solitary in Evin 7.
  • Rejai Shahr political prisoner Asadollah Hadi moved to hospital. 
  • Mohammad-Sadegh (Arash) Honarvar-Shojaei-Khoee transferred to solitary in Evin 7.
  • Rouzbeh Karamjani, arrested for insulting the leader, moved to Rejaei Shahr.
  • Samkoo Khalghati transferred to solitary in Evin 7.
  • Death row Kurdish political prisoner Bakhtiar Memari moved to quarantine.
  • Political prisoner Yousef Pourseifi at risk of blindness moved to hospital.
  • Political prisoner Mohsen Rahmani moved to psychiatric hospital.
  • Rejai Shahr political prisoner Ali Salanpour moved to hospital.
  • Pishva Salehzadeh moved to Urmia prison.
  • Salar Sotoudeh transferred to solitary in Evin 7.
  • Omid Zareinejad transferred to solitary in Evin 7.

  • Jafar and Masoud Ahmadi, Gonabadi dervishes, arrested in Kavar.
  • Farah Baghi begins her sentence in Yazd.
  • Yazd Baha'i Fariborz Baghi begins serving his 2 years sentence.
  • Labor activist Kourosh Bakhshandeh arrested.
  • Morteza Kangarlou, Gonabadi dervish, arrested in Kavar.
  • Laleh MehdiNejad, Baha'i from Varamin, arrested.
  • Davoud Nasiri, Gonabadi dervish, arrested in Kavar.
  • Sunni Sousangerdi citizen Saeed Soubedi arrested.
  • Ehsan Yadgar, Baha'i from Varamin, arrested after summons; he was taken to Evin.

  • Amir Afshar-Naderi, Christian convert, released on bail.
  • Hossein Ashtiani released on bail.
  • Victor Bet Tamraz, priest, released on bail.
  • Union activist Milad Darvish released on bail.
  • Kavian Fallah-Mohammadi, Christian convert, released on bail
  • Student and civil rights activist Ribvar Kamranipour released on heavy bail. 
  • Saeed Mihanara who was arrested 10 days ago at teachers’ gathering released.
  • Peyman Mirzaee released on bail.
  • Alireza Mostakhdem, Kurdish cultural activist, released on bail.
  • Adnan Rahmat-Panah, freed on bail for medical reasons.
  • Mohammad Yousefi has been released on 300 million tomans bail. 
D-Other News
  • Atena Faraghdani ends her hunger strike.
  • Human Rights activist prisoner Hossein Ronaghi Maleki ended his hunger strike.
  • News of injustice in Iran
  • Fariborz Kardar sentenced to 7 years by Appeals.
  • Adnan Rahmat-Panah sentenced to 18 extra months.
  • Mehdi Raishahri sentenced to 5 years by Appeals.
  • Masoud Talebi sentenced to 7 years by Appeals.
  • One hanging in Yasouj on Saturday.
  • 9 hangings in Ghezel Hesar on Sunday.
  • 10 hangings in Shiraz on Tuesday.
  • 3 hangings in Urmia on Wednesday.
  • 15 hangings in Ghezel Hesar on Thursday.
  • 2 hangings in Urmia on Friday.
  • University – Culture
  • Website of the Tehran Bus Workers' Union filtered.
  • Ali Rahbari returns to restore Tehran Symphony Orchestr
  • Protests
  • The protests in Ahvaz go on.
  • Iran abroad
  • Ali Larijani travels to Kuwait and Qatar.
  • Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani, visits Turkmenistan.
  • The Head of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce meets with Iran’s Ambassador in Belgrade.
  • Hamas leader Khaled Meshal met with a senior Iranian official in the Qatari capital Thursday.
  • Iran Economics
  •  Iran's auto production in the first 11 months of the current Iranian year grew by 58.2 percent compared to the same period last year.
  • Tehran and Sana sign economic deal.
  • Iran Politics
  • Mohammad Yazdi was elected as chairman for the Assembly of Experts with 47 votes.
  • Miscellaneous

  • Iran’s slum population up 17 times in 30 years.


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