mardi 31 mars 2015

Week 08 - 2015

Prisoners’ News
A- Transfers
  • Sunni prisoner Shouresh Ayneh Bokani transferred to Urmia Intelligence.
  • Journalist Green political activist, Rajai Shahr prisoner Masoud Bastani moved to hospital.
  • Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, workers’ rights activist transferred to quarantine of Rajai Shahr prison.
  • Atena Faraghdani transferred to hospital.
  • 16th day hunger striker Mohamadreza Pourshajari lost consciousness moved to hospital.
  • Kurdish political prisoner Mohammad Hossein Rezaei moved to Bandar Abbas prison.
  • Labor Activist Hasan Ahmadi arrested in Marivan.
  • Journalist student activist Ahmad Asgari arrested to serve 5-year prison.
  • Yazd Baha'i Fariba Ashtari begins her 2-year prison sentence.
  • Political activist Ali Maghami arrested to serve his 4 months.
  • Civil activist Yadollah Mohammadi arrested in Divandareh.
  • Mahabad Kurdish journalist Kavan Mohammadpour arrested
  • Shiraz Gonabadi Dervish Saleh Moradi arrested.
  • Cultural-Social Deputy of Mashhad Ferdowsi University Ali Yousefi arrested.
  • Civil activist Aydin Zakeri arrested in Meshkin Shahr.
  • 35 men and 40 women arrested during a party in Salmas.
  • Mona Aghdasi, Baha’i, freed in Isfahan.
  • Shiva Aghsani, Baha’i, freed in Isfahan.
  • Peyman Atefi, Baha’i, freed in Isfahan.
  • Kavian Dehghan, Baha’i, freed in Isfahan.
  • Gharchak political prisoner, human rights activist Negar Haeri released on bail.
  • Political prisoner Amir Khorram released on furlough.
  • Shayan Kosar, Baha’i, freed in Isfahan.
  • Student activist Saha Mortezai released on bail.
  • Kousha Rahimi, Baha’i, freed in Isfahan.
  • Nika Rajabi, Baha’i, freed in Isfahan.
  • Negar Sobhanian, Baha’i, freed in Isfahan.
D-Other News
  • Kurdish political prisoner Mostafa Armin assaulted beaten in Barazjan prison.
  • Baha’i Shahram Chinian beaten in prison.
  • Gonabadi Dervish Kazem Dehghan's vehicle shot in Kavar.
  • Kurdish Mahabad prisoners brothers Kordpour winners of Raha Human Rights Award.
  • Zoroastrian Arash Moghadam Aslanpour beaten in prison.
News of injustice in Iran
  • Baha'i Manouchehr Kholousi sentenced to 6-years in prison.
  • 6 hangings on Saturday in Urmia prison.
  • 8 hangings on Monday in Bandar Abbas.
  • 4 hangings on Monday in Arak.
  • 3 hangings on Tuesday in Rasht.
  • One hanging in Tabas on Wednesay.
  • 2 public hangings in Kermanshah on Wednesday.
  • One hanging in Sanadaj on Friday.
  • 2 death row prisoners spared in Malayer.
University – Culture
  • Rouzan newspaper ban lifted.
  • Iranian Baha’i library sealed.
  • Iranian websites of Jamaran and Baharnews filtered. 
  • Teachers escalate protests by skipping class.
  • Several hundred of Qum Seminary students protest against continued detention of Ayatollah Nikounam.
  • Miners continue strike over firings, right to protest. 
Iran abroad
  • Two bombs explode at residence of Iran ambassador in Libya; IS claims the attack.
  • UAE court sentences six Iranians to life in jail over British businessman's kidnapping.
  • Iran’s Kabul embassy rocked in bomb attack targeting Turks: 2 casualties.
  • Tajik Interior Minister visits Tehran.
  • Minsters of Communication of Iran and Somalia meet in Tehran.

Iran Politics
  • Iran pro-reform political party holds 1st congress.
  • Police forces collect satellite dishes in Urmia.
  • Geneva rights summit to bestow 2015 Women’s Rights Award on Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad.
  • Iranian federation open a women section of struggle.

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