dimanche 29 juin 2014

Week 50 - 2011

News of the Prisoners
  • Saman Aryaman transferred to Karoon prison in Ahvaz.
  • Jahangir Badozadeh transferred from Urmia prison to an unknown location.
  • Habibollah Golparipour transferred from Urmia prison to an unknown location.
  • Mostafa Kake Mami (Yousef) transferred from Urmia prison to an unknown location.
  • Jailed union activist, Reza Shahabi on hunger strike since November 25, transfered to hospital.
  • Ali Ahmad Soleimani transferred from Urmia prison to an unknown location.
  • Ahmad Tamouei transferred from Urmia prison to an unknown location.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations
  • Mohammad Farajpour begins serving his 9 months sentence.
  • Dissident cleric Hasanali Mostafaei detained.
  • Mousavi's campaign 88 activist Hassan Nikkhah is back in Evin.
  • Labor activist Alireza Saghfi has been summoned for his 3 years sentence implementation.
  • Hojatoleslam Abdollah Shahani arrested in Golestan province.
  • Maziar Yazdan Nia goes to prison to serve his 6 months sentence.

C- Liberations
  • Ali Ahmadi, Baha'i citizen of Ghaem Shahr, freed.
  • Parisa Babaei, Baha'i citizen of Ghaem Shahr, freed.
  • Peyman Aref has been released on bail.
  • Simin Gorji, Baha'i citizen of Ghaem Shahr, freed.
  • Documentary film maker Mojtaba Mirtahmasb has been released on bail.
  • Rozhin Mohammadi blogger and human rights activist released.

D-Other News 
  • Hossein Ronaghi Maleki started a hunger strike on Saturday 10 protesting denial of needed medical furlough.
  • Discovery of a new torture place in the 81 Ramadan detention center belonging to the IRGC inside Almahdi garrison, 20km from the road of Darya Shahr of Orumieh. 
  • 36 political prisoners who signed a statement boycotting the next election have been banned from face-to-face visits .

News of injustice in Iran
  • Babol Appeals courts upholds  6 months sentence for Arya Aramnejad.
  • Babol Appeals courts upholds  6 months sentence for Mostafa Ebrahimtabar.
  • Babol Appeals courts upholds  6 months sentence for Alireza Falahati.
  • Zeinab Jalalian sentenced to life term by Supreme Court.
  • Babol Appeals courts upholds  6 months sentence for Mohammad Reza Maleki.
  • Babol Appeals courts upholds  6 months sentence for Mohammad Reza Massoumian.
  • Babol Appeals courts upholds  12 months sentence for Ahmad Miri.
  • Zahra Nika’ein, Baha'i child activist, sentenced to 7 years.
  • Babol Appeals courts upholds  9 months sentence for Alireza Shahiri.
  • Babol Appeals courts upholds  4 months sentence for Ali Akbar Soroush.
  • Leg amputation was performed on a man convicted of armed robbery in Shiraz Adelabad prison.
  • Hand amputation was performed in Shiraz prison on a man.
  • One public execution in Shahr-e-Kord.
  • 5 people executed in Vakil Abad prison in Mashhad.
  • 2 public executions in Rostam, Fars province on Tuesday.
  • 1 execution in Rasht on Tuesday.
  • 1 execution in Isfahan on Wednesday.

University  - Culture
  • Bas relief of Bahram II in Nishabour (Sasanid), destroyed.
  • Science Minister declares that University entrance exams will be eliminated in 3 years.
  • Negar Salahi, Baha'i student in Mazandaran University, expelled.
  • Hadi Binesh expelled from University due to his political activity. 

Economy in Iran
  • 260 industrial units out of 700 are not active in Kurdistan.
  • 40 workers of the clay section at Javeh dam in Kurdistan province were fired.
  • Iran finds huge gas field in Caspian Sea.
  • Government's debt to the health sector $10 Billion.
  • Ahmadinejad agreed to allocate $4 billion from National Development Fund for new petrochemical projects.
  • Cigarette imports increased by 75%.
  • 70% of the blue collar workers in Iran live below poverty level.
  • Unprocessed milk more expensive in Iran than in EU.

  • Assad's photo burned in Sahand stadium 9 Dec 2011 Azeris of Tabriz, support Syria revolution.
  • An unemployed worker throws Shoes at Ahmadinejad during a speech in Sari city.
  • Contracting worker attempts suicide in new Tehran's Governor's building over 8 months unpaid wages.
  • Retired Steel Workers Protest at the Parliament’s Gate.

Iran  abroad
  • New Japanese sanctions on Iran.
  • Foreign Affairs Minister goes in Baghdad.
  • Iranian regime seeks North Korea's help to activate ballistic missiles.
  • Iraq and Iran exchange remains of 93 soldiers killed in 1980s war.
  • Iran to help build oil refinery in Namibia.
  • Iran Air refuelling deal at Kent International Airport (Manston) comes to an end.
  • Clandestine (?) Trade of art masterpieces between Iran and the US.
  • Hillary Clinton demands immediate and unconditional release of pastor Yousef Nadarkhani.
  • Director of IRIB in Baku expelled from Azerbaijan.
  • Saudi Crown Prince (also Interior Minister) meets Iran intelligence minister.
  • Iranian Road Minister travels to Damascus.
  • US sanctions 2 Iran military figures: General Firouzabadi and IRGC Commandant Araqi for the roles they played in IranElection crackdown.
  • Ministry of Culture and of Islamic guidance leaves to Qatar for the International Book Fair.
  • Direct involvement of high-level Hezbollah officials in the South American cocaine trade.
  • Ex-Iran Guard commander visits White House with Iraq leader.
  • Head of the Strategic Research Center of the Expediency Discernment Council attacks Turkey for supporting Syrian opposition.
  • Russia seizes radioactive material in luggage bound for Tehran.
  • South Korea sanctions 99 persons and entities in Iran.

Politics in Iran
  • Embezzlement Case - Indictment issued against Broujerdi, head of Committee for Foreign Policy: Mashhad MP.
  • parliament passed a bill for a free trade agreement with Syria.
  • Former President Rafsanjani calls 4 removal of limits on political parties.
  • MP Ali Motahari criticized post iranelection crackdown on students and Parliament's inaction; he also labels detention of Mousavi and Karroubi as illegal.
  • The Iranian government delay in submitting the annual budget to Parliament.
  • Ali Larijani, speaker of parliament criticized the attack on UK embassy.
  • IRGC and the Administration Disagree on Threatening Turkey.

  • Dust storms hit Iran's Khuzestan provinces - Again; schools closed in Ahvaz due to high pollution level.
  • Blast in Yazd steel factory: 16 dead.
  • Increase in deaths related to air pollution in Tehran.
  • Fire contained at Iranian Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex.